Authentic YiHi SX475J - Temperature Control - 75W Chip!


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The SX475J mini Chips - In Stock

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The new YiHi SX475J Mini Chip is here!  Extremely small with Joystick control.  Single battery input ... perfect for small single, dual parallel, or squonkers




  • JoyStick Control
  • Upgradable chip 
  • Modes, Sxi-Q,, etc
  • Variable Joule & Variable Wattage
  • Low resistance 0.05 Ohms
  • 200°F-580°F /100C-300C
  • OLED 0.91" Screen


Basic Information & Instruction:
  • IF you're not skilled, experienced, and comfortable with Electronics, Soldering, and Safety you should not be purchasing this chip!  It is intended for experienced individuals.  
  • You MUST CHECK THE BOARD WHEN YOU RECEIVE IT and prior to installation.  Any board that has been installed and/or soldered on has voided ANY and ALL warranty claims.
The USB is pre-soldered so there are only 3 connections and you should already know what these are but:
  • White is your power out ... connection to center pin of your connector
  • Red ... Battery + (positive) connection
  • Black ... Battery - (negative) connection
  • There needs to be a final connection for return path which is to the case or outside of your connector to your battery negative


Chip Specifications below: