Renegade - RGX II Mod- 200W - Temp Limiting - Complete Kit

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The ALL-NEW Renegade RGX II J-Box Kit!  We just took the box mod to the next level.  Everything needed to build your own Renegade RGX II box featuring the YiHi SX J V2 chip with temp limiting, Taste Curves, & Logo changer!  And we just got the official OK to run her at 200W!!!  All mods we build will be shipped with a 200W update!
Sleek, Elegant, Ergonomic, & Powerful sum it up.  With manufactured features designed to give your own product a high quality Production mod look.
Features custom 6061 Aluminum CNC machined box - nice compact design with every single part needed to complete the box.  Finish the aluminum as you please with paint, polish, or whatever your imagination comes up with ... or leave it in its beautiful natural brushed finish.  Be a Renegade and go wild!
In Temp mode the mod supports native Ni, Ti, SS wires but also includes TCR for your specific setting, and a special setting for the new SX Pure technology.  Power mode is intended for Kanthal of course.
We thought out every aspect of this build and included all the parts needed.  Easy bolt in assembly of the board, small dual 18650 sled for series connection, magnet door, spring loaded 510 connector, 12mm clicky switch, Stainless tact buttons, all stainless hardware and of course the V2 J chip is also included.  We even offer the option to build it for you!
We offer customizable options of Fire Switch color, 510 color, chip or no chip (if you have one), and up coming color options.  Even assembled if desired!
Box dimensions as follows: 3.85"x2.33"x 1.06" - Its a small box.
You will need a little glue for the magnets and a 0.050 hex head driver for the screws.  Plus a little soldering.  The wires on the new V2 board are long enough to trim and the excess used to connect the sled for series.  You may need a Length of wire for running the ground to the 510 ring terminal.  Something every Modder should have anyway!!!
Step by step instructions are the same as the V1 Click HERE to download and print -  but an experienced modder will see the parts and be able to put it together in 1-2 hours.  We will be issue new instructions when we introduce a new sled in the to make the series connection at the top and the power connections at the bottom.  This can be done now with minor sled modifications if you are experienced.