VT 510 BF V2 - Silver Plated Nuts Only


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1 set of Silver-plated replacement nuts for the VT510 BF V2.  Though designed for the V2 the M10 and the M3.5*0.6 nuts fit both the V1 and V2 connector.  This is 1 set...both the M10 negative and the M3.5 positive nuts, silver-plated.

A note on plating:  For regulated devices and where no arc will be present, Gold Plating is perfectly adequate.  However, if you are using one of the connector nuts to make a direct mechanical contact to complete the circuit you will be creating an Arc.  For an "Arc" application silver plating is the more durable and preferable choice.  On the other hand if your mechanical design incorporates a separate strike tab (lug) to make contact from your switch then the plating won't matter as the Arc occurs at the point where contact is made.