VT 510-V1 Connector - Self-adjusting Center Pin

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We are proud to bring you our very own high end 510 connector.  Ultra low profile shoulder, self-adjusting spring loaded center pin, brass backer nut for solid and secure installation.  New longer center pin insures contact with the shortest and longest attys. Spring has been upgraded for increases stiffness.
Made of Stainless, Brass, & High Temp insulating material this connector is perfect for box mods and the discerning modder!  
  • The spring carries no electrical load!
  • 10mm,14mm, 22mm, or 28.5mm diameter - Note: by definition the 10mm has no landing pad!
  • 22mm Smooth top option for drippers only
  • Only 1mm thick landing pad
  • Made of Stainless with High Temp Insulator, and brass retainer cap and nut - rated for 450F degrees continuous service
  • Assembled connector length - 12mm 
  • Body threading - M10x0.5 - 10mm diameter ... about 3/8"
  • Ring Terminal for ground connection included
MUST be disassembled for soldering!!!  Disassemble connector and remove center pin PRIOR to soldering.  Slide bottom retainer over wire, then slide spring over wire, NEXT solder wire to the center pin using the 1mm hole in the pin.    Now slide the pin into the main body with spring and tighten the retaining cap.  See pictures.
Ring Terminals Are Included