SX350 Ready Box w/ VT 510 Connector

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Black and Silver Boxes in stock!!!
Note: THIS BOX is ONLY for the 60W SX350 chip.   It will NOT fit any of the mini or Temperature J Chips.

Here's the project box you've been waiting for!  Machined box with cut outs, painted, and all the parts you need!


NOTE: We no longer have chips for this box.  Please contact YiHi_ecigar directly.

- Pre-cut for the SX350 chip
- Pre-painted in several colors
- Varitube Spring-loaded 510 installed!
- Everything you need included
- Battery sled installed
- Length of 16ga
- Screen protector if desired
- Screws and small screw driver
- New clicky switch .... needs assembly....see below
Building your own mod just got easier!  Add in an SX350 60W chip and battery and you're ready to go in short time!  
Note: it is not drilled for Tact switches but with some careful planning those can be added as well - but are not included.
Note: remove the 510 using a coin and disassemble for soldering.  When ready for final assembly we recommend using lock-tite or similar to keep the 510 connector from backing out.  It is threaded directly into the body.
Switch assembly - The switch now uses a 16mm AV housing and button with a 12mm clicky tact switch inside.  Provides a super low profile switch inside as well as outside.  
Switch Assembly:
1) Screw the housing into the box
2) Drop the button into place inside the housing
3) Slide the tact switch into the slot between the threads and make sure it is seated.  - Note you cannot install tact until housing is screwed as as it will not fit through the hole - Tip: To prevent button rattle use a small piece of double sided tape between the tact switch and button.
4) Next you need to glue the edges of the tact switch to the housing.  We used 5 minute JB Weld here.  We have not tried hot glue but you want a solid and strong bond.  Not a lot of force will be transferred to it due to the low profile but an epoxy like a JB Weld will securely it hold in place and if needed can be removed for disassembly .  Pictures below:

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    Adaptable if you are handy

    Posted by Willy on 22nd Nov 2022

    I already have a couple boxes like these but I wanted to see if I could also do the same with this box as I did the others which is to fit a DNA 75 board in one & will the Sanyo 20700B battery Varitube sells fit. The answer is Yes & Yes, if you are handy, a tinkerer you can. Tight fit but I have a 75 sitting in this one now. You will have to knock (file) & round the left bottom corner of the board, right next to where the Ground wire solders to. The board will have to fit at an angle & you will have to remove the Fire button from the board to clear the Fire switch this kit comes with. The battery, you will have to cut the Poss end off the plastic holder in the kit, hot glue that in one end, the Neg end, pull the Neg contact from the other end of the holder, solder wire to each, the Neg terminal will wedge in between the case & the bottom of the battery. You will also have to file a larger opening for the DNA 75 screen and you'll have a open section in the case from the square screen hole made into it, fill that void as you chose, I used a piece of the thick smoke colored plastic that came with this kit to fill that void, glue in place. Pretty? No, functional? YES! AND I have a mod that will run 24 hours from one charge with these Sanyo 20700B battery! $25 shipped for 1 kit, 1 battery add one DNA 75 board (I have a bunch) and you have a rock solid 24 hour mod on the cheap! Win Win! (IF you are handy ;-) (FYI; A DNA 60 would be even easier to fit, I only have a few of those & I'm saving them)